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What clients are saying...

"Simply Roomy Changed My Life.

When you're someone who is an admitted fashion hoarder, I have to confess, it had gotten WAY out of hand. But Elissa & her team member Jax changed my life in only 7.5 hours. Learning life lessons along the way without any judging or shade but a whole lot of humour and fun. My karma also feels better because what clothes, shoes, or luggage that could not be donated is donated and fabric will be recycled and upcycled! Simply Rooomy brings happiness, good harmony, organization, healing, & positive energy with every minute as your life & surroundings are transformed! Found on Thumbtack but brought to me by God or the higher powers because these gals are #OrganizingAngels. Let them bring some good into your life - you will NOT regret it and worth every penny!"

Gwyneth J.

"Elissa was such a help! I’ve never been very good at working out the best use of space. Throw in a mountain of fabric and I’ve always got what could most generously be described as semi-control chaos going on. It was such a relief to have her come in give us some useful hints on how to set things up to make my business more efficient! I highly recommend her services!"

Jane V.

"Honestly, this was the best experience I could have asked for. I never felt judged for how my space looked in the before stage. Elissa was truly incredible and always checked in on how I was doing throughout the process. She was on time, personable, professional, and very kind. Elissa really helped me feel like I got a grasp back on my life and within my space."

Mackenna D

"Elissa is amazing! She will not only organize your stuff but also give you a pep talk about not feeling guilty about failing to do it yourself! So she not only left my house looking amazing, she also lifted my heart and spirit. My house is organized and my heart is light! What more can you ask for!!"

Ana N.

"What a great service provider. My kitchen was reorganized in 4 hours. What I didn't want was disposed of or donated. We went through a 40 year accumulation of pots, pans, bowls, and small appliances. There was no room for food in my pantry or cupboards. Everything organized including a huge stash of paper and canned goods that were accumulated during COVID. Thank you so much."

Audrey C. 

"Simply Roomy was a life saver for me. With a teenage son using space in a cluttered basement, DISASTER was an understatement. Elissa and her team were top notch professionals and helped sort the chaos. I now have plenty of well organized storage space AND my son has his own gaming area that he can easily tidy on demand. Such a relief!! As a bonus - the situation was absolutely mortifying for me, but Simply Roomy came in with absolutely no judgement. It was 100% compassion and can do attitude. From the beginning they gave me relief with a clear plan that broke down the impossible into simple, achievable steps. I can’t express enough how great it was to have that weight lifted."

Eli G.

"Elissa’s biggest strength, honestly, is her ability to really hear what clients are saying to her, even if they don’t say it explicitly. Her attention to detail about what her clients say to her about their lives, needs and personality really inform how she conducts her work. She honors people’s needs in a professional and supportive way, transforming their lives, and spaces, in the process. My partner and I have used her services twice and will continue to ask for her to support us as we transition from making our current living space into a home we and our children will love to come back to for years to come! Thank you, Elissa! Your professionalism, expertise, passion, enthusiasm, honesty, transparency and vision are truly a blessing, and we are grateful you continue to work with us!"

Jesse M. 

"Elissa is very detail oriented and takes the time to listen to your needs. Working with her is a pleasure and my space is so much more comfortable now than before with all the clutter and chaos. I highly recommend Simply Roomy to help you organize your space to make it more comfortable and functional. 10/10 love love love SRO!"

Sally D.

"If you are looking for the very best experience and someone who puts their heart into their work, then you must chose Simply Roomy. The owner is the type of person who will not only organize your space, but will help find the underlying reasons for disorganization and will organize your soul. She is upfront, honest, compassionate, and will help you in more ways than you will ever expect. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would."

Ashley R.

Elissa was fabulous! She quickly went through all of my stuff and made a plan for how we were going to tackle all of the stuff in my apartment. We talked about keep, toss, and donate in terms of what to do with all the stuff. I ended up getting rid of TONS of stuff I didn’t even know I was holding onto and I don’t miss a single thing I got rid of a few years later. What I did keep was organized in a way that was both practical and attractive looking, and also utilized stuff I already owned (so we didn’t have to go out and buy hundreds of dollars of plastic tubs for storage). It was so nice to have an organized home (we did the WHOLE apartment!) I would 100% recommend her to anyone!

Katlyn B.

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